Relay Challenge!

Another great day at the pool this week with a relay theme well received by everyone.

The morning started with our 200m distance which also included some good medleys, always great to see. We then had our steady flow of 100m and 50m distances with a great showcase of all strokes. Our younger members were of course delighted to swim 20s and 30s over and over and over again. Thanks to our favourite Chris Gray for keeping the flow of swimmers steady.

Swimmer of the week was Ava Hanmer. Congratulations Ava! And our lucky mystery prize winner was Yasmin Dib.

The highlight of the morning was of course our relays.

This week everyone enjoyed the 20 and 30m relays swum by our keen young members who all swam with great spirit.
A big congratulation to our winners: the 20m relay team winners were  Janathan Lygdas and Isabel Langman; and our 30m relay team winners were Nicholas Paine and Yasmin Dib. Well done! Everyone got involved (including mums and dad cheering on the pool side). A big thankyou to our Vice President, David Colins-White for organising such as terrific event.

Our three week 50m relay challenge bagan this week. We had nine  teams and so we enjoyed two fantastic heats. In Heat 1 we had the Fireballs trying to take the heat out of the Victors but to no avail. Glory
 Glory were glorious in their efforts but it was the 3 Mums and a Dad who thought they had it in the bag until the 3 Guns and a Dad shot past to take the winning place. Very exciting. (placings: 1st - 3 Guns  & a Dad; 2nd - 3 Mums & a Dad; 3rd - Glory Glory; 4th - Victors; 5th - Fireballs)

Heat 2 was hot stuff! A fabulous photo finish caused some fluster among the judges having consult video footage many many times for fianl placing. Bubbles blasted through early but were shifted by the Shonks Re-Mix. Vicious & Delicious were marking the O'Marks in a thrilling finish with the O'Marks just making the mark in the end to take out the race. Very exciting.  (Final placings after video consultation: 1st - O'Marks; 2nd - Vicious & Delicious; 3rd - Shonks Re-Mix; 4th - Bubbles).

Of course the challenge isn't over with the next stage of coming up this week. Everyone still has a chance - check out the team scores so far.

A really big shout out thankyou to our super Race Secretary Angela Thomas for organising this event.


Week 1-Place

Week 1-Points




3 Guns & a Dad



Vicious & Delicious



3 Mums & a Dad



Shonks Re-mix



Glory, Glory













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