Our new trophy cabinet in the club room sports a new trophy. Third from the right is the Warwick Webster trophy the relay team won at Enfield.


Welcome to the 2014-2015 season of the Ashfield Amateur Swim Club. We had a fantastic start to the season on Saturday with glorious spring weather and a great crowd of participants. We especially welcome our new families to the club and trust that you will enjoy our swimming community. It was great to see all our returning members for another fun season of swimming.

We have a great season ahead with special swimming events lined up. You can see what is installed by viewing this season's calendar . To kick off the season we are taking club captain nominations from high school age members this week.

This Saturday morning we will start the club meet with the 400m distance swim so arrive at 6:55am for a 7am race start. We will finish off with our infamous relays so get yourself in a team for some great fun.

And remember swimming is great for the body, mind and soul!

See you Saturday morning.


We were welcomed by beautifully warm water this week which was well received by all our swimmers because the weather was a little bit chilly.

This however did not stop our enthusiastic swimmers from racing! Our distance swimmers tackled the 400m with fury. It was great to see our young swimmers keen for multiple 25 and 30m races.

Our bumper raffle began this week with some great prizes. The mystery prize went to Ruby Bron.

And of course the finale of the day’s racing was our infamous relay, another exciting event with a clear and stunning win by the team Jemima MacPhearson, Zac MacPherson, Joesph O/Brien and Sienna Earls. Great swim and well done to our young swimmers. There was a tight competition for the last three placings of the race – very exciting neck and neck race by those on a challenging handicap. Always great to see a race within a race!

A big congratulations goes to our swimmer of the week – Christopher Peters. Well done Christopher!

Remember this week we have our welcome breakfast so please bring along a plate of food that you would like to share with everyone.

See you all on Saturday morning

Cheers Rachael

Another great week for the Ashfield Swim Club has passed with a fine turn out of eager swimmers of all ages. The steamy water in the early hours of the morning was especially inviting and we saw our first medleys swum for the season. A bumper set of 20s and 30s this week swum by our younger members, always great participation.

The BIG news this week was the announcement of our club captains for the 2014-2015 season.

Congratulations to our new club captains Daphne Willemsen and Ben Austin and also to our new Vice Captains Briony O'Donahue and Julian Thomas.
 20141025 090149

The other BIG news of the week was that mystery prize for breaststroke was won by Chris Gray - his the first time in 35 years! Here's to our favourite marshal!

A big congratulations goes to our swimmer of the week - Jemima MacPherson. A great effort and improvement.

The relay was again another highlight with the winning team being our younger members Jemima MacPherson, Zac MacPherson, Sophie Kington and Sienna Earls. Great swim and well done.

Spread the word about our welcoming club to your friends and family, we are always keen for new members.

See you all on Saturday.
Cheers Rachael

A very warm morning welcomed us to the pool the week and what a great turn out it was starting with a distance swim. A bumper crowd for the 20 and 30m swims from our younger members. And a massive crowd for the ever popular 50m races, my personal favourite.

Swimmer of the week was Lachlan Macher. Congratulations Lachlan.

Nicholas Paine was our mystery prize winner  for this week.

With so many keen swimmers it was a struggle to fit everything in this week but nothing stopped our infamous relay. Another spectacular finish this week was achieved by the team  Oliver Thomas, Ruby McVicar, Andrew Thomas and me!

Here's to another great week of community swimming. See you Saturday morning.



We were met with a beautiful spring morning this week, probably the best weather so far this season - not too hot not too cold, nice breeze, sparkling blue water inviting all to have a swim in the club races this week.

Our regular marshal (Chris Gray) was not with us this week but we were in the very capable hands of David Durbin who ushered everyone into races with great efficiency. Thanks David. Also thanks to our vice presidents David Collins-White and Peter Earls for stepping into the President's role for the day whilst Peter was off cycling somewhere........

It was great to see our young members keen to get in as many 25m and 30m races as they can, and there have been sterling efforts and improvements well encouraged by mum's and dad's and timekeepers at the pool side.

Speaking of improvement our swimmer of the week went to Laura Willemsen who is blitzing the point score! Keep it up Laura.

And the mystery prize winner was Willem Willemsen - don't eat all the chocolates at once!

Another great relay punctuated the morning with another photo finish by the team Andrew, Oliver, Ruby and Dominic - well done team. Remember this coming week we start the mixed relay team challenge so get your teams together. For all this season's events check out the calendar here.

Looking forward to another great morning. But before we go here's a question for you all - How many public swimming pools are there in New South Wales? Stay tuned......

Cheers Rachael

We were greeted by overcast skies last swim meet but that did not deter our enthusiatic swimmers. First up was our 400m and 200m distances with a few medleys thrown in. A steady stream of 100m swimmers showcased all our favorite strokes. And let's not forget our fantastic young 25m and 30m swimmers who are keen to get to qualify for the next distance or just ecstatic to get to the end! Well done everyone.

Our swimmer of the week this week was Johnathan Lygdas - a great effort.

The mystery prize went to Ava Hannier – congratulations!

Another sterling relay effort was made to end the morning with a great win by Eloise Paine, Ava Hannier, Ben Austin and Jackson Ng-Saad. Well done team. Also a big thankyou to Angela Thomas and Pat O'Brien for their magnificent efforts in calculating the handicapping for the relay.  A great job!

Speaking of relays don't forget that the relay challenge begins this week!

Here's to a great week of swimming.
Cheers Rachael

Another great day at the pool this week with a relay theme well received by everyone.

The morning started with our 200m distance which also included some good medleys, always great to see. We then had our steady flow of 100m and 50m distances with a great showcase of all strokes. Our younger members were of course delighted to swim 20s and 30s over and over and over again. Thanks to our favourite Chris Gray for keeping the flow of swimmers steady.

Swimmer of the week was Ava Hanmer. Congratulations Ava! And our lucky mystery prize winner was Yasmin Dib.

The highlight of the morning was of course our relays.

This week everyone enjoyed the 20 and 30m relays swum by our keen young members who all swam with great spirit.
A big congratulation to our winners: the 20m relay team winners were  Janathan Lygdas and Isabel Langman; and our 30m relay team winners were Nicholas Paine and Yasmin Dib. Well done! Everyone got involved (including mums and dad cheering on the pool side). A big thankyou to our Vice President, David Colins-White for organising such as terrific event.

Our three week 50m relay challenge bagan this week. We had nine  teams and so we enjoyed two fantastic heats. In Heat 1 we had the Fireballs trying to take the heat out of the Victors but to no avail. Glory
 Glory were glorious in their efforts but it was the 3 Mums and a Dad who thought they had it in the bag until the 3 Guns and a Dad shot past to take the winning place. Very exciting. (placings: 1st - 3 Guns  & a Dad; 2nd - 3 Mums & a Dad; 3rd - Glory Glory; 4th - Victors; 5th - Fireballs)

Heat 2 was hot stuff! A fabulous photo finish caused some fluster among the judges having consult video footage many many times for fianl placing. Bubbles blasted through early but were shifted by the Shonks Re-Mix. Vicious & Delicious were marking the O'Marks in a thrilling finish with the O'Marks just making the mark in the end to take out the race. Very exciting.  (Final placings after video consultation: 1st - O'Marks; 2nd - Vicious & Delicious; 3rd - Shonks Re-Mix; 4th - Bubbles).

Of course the challenge isn't over with the next stage of coming up this week. Everyone still has a chance - check out the team scores so far.

A really big shout out thankyou to our super Race Secretary Angela Thomas for organising this event.


Week 1-Place

Week 1-Points




3 Guns & a Dad



Vicious & Delicious



3 Mums & a Dad



Shonks Re-mix



Glory, Glory












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