Age Divisions

Male and Female competitors will swim combined races. Competitors are grouped into the following age divisions for both Championship and Pointscore trophies:-

Division Age
SUB-JUVENILE 9 Years and Under
JUVENILE 10 and 11 Years
SUB-JUNIOR 12 and 13 Years
JUNIOR 14 and 15 Years
SENIOR 16 Years and 39 Years
MASTER 40 Years to 49 Years
VETERAN 50 Years & Over

The swimmer’s age for each club year is determined as follows :

(i) summer season – the age as at 1st February; and

(ii) winter season – the age as at 1st August.

For Club Championships only there are two additional competitions within the age divisions.  They are the Novice & Junior Novice age competitions for those swimmers who have not qualified to swim in more than two (2) 50 metre events.

Novice swimmers are those who are in the Juvenile age bandwidth.

Junior Novice swimmers are those who in the Sub-Juvenile age bandwidth.